Illinois: First Ascent Climbing & Fitness (Avondale)

This is our home gym and we climb here all the time. They have 2 locations, Avondale is a full-gym with work out rooms, top rope, lead, bouldering and systems. Uptown is the other and it’s mostly bouldering. (Update: Just learned they are opening a 3rd in Humboldt!)

Since this gym opened it’s gotten progressively busier with youth teams, meet-ups and first timers… which is awesome! But also kinda sucky when we get there past 7pm and you can’t get a lead rope. But, c’est la vie, and I have nothing bad to say about this place, it’s been good to us and the climbing is great. We’ve grown a lot in terms of strength and skill since joining this gym and we hope to continue doing so. We pay $75 a month for a membership, which we can cancel at any time. I think day passes are $18 (not including gear… I think gear is $10). Not too shabby.


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